Ace B the new King of the Streets in New Orleans has teamed up with his comrades Romeo and Cymphonique on the new single “I Want You” produced by BlaqNmilD. A feel good record that the djs and clubs love, the song is taking off at Radio and the Streets. “Ace B is phenomenal at making street records but he really did his thing on this one.” says DJ Flex. The record has a New Orleans bounce with a mass appeal. Ace B’s lyrical delivery is crazy, while Romeo and Cymphonique added the right flavor to make this song gumbo. No Limit Forever is making major moves and the sky is the limit for Ace B.

Master P “The Ice Cream Man” Biopic Set to Film 2015 Percy Miller, No Limit Empire Rags to Riches Story


Master P “The Ice Cream Man” Biopic Set to Film 2015
Percy Miller, No Limit Empire Rags to Riches Story

The film is about legendary southern Hip Hop icon, Percy Miller aka Master P. He broke major music barriers in the late 90’s as he single-handedly and independently took over the music industry and became the most powerful man in Hip Hop, coming from the poverty stricken Calliope Projects to Forbes top ten highest-grossing entertainer. This New Orleans native has one of the greatest rags-to-riches story to be told. The movie was written by Percy Miller, Pardé Bridget and Wayne Conley. The production company, CP3 Filmworks is currently casting actors to play the younger Percy Miller.

In the 1990’s Master P set an unprecedented number of record sales as he sold over 75 million albums independently through his self-made, multi-million dollar empire. Rapper and friend Ice Cube called Master P “one of the best businessmen I’ve ever run across,” and record executive Tony Draper declared him “a young successful black CEO who has the intelligence to change the game,” which is exactly what the Hip Hop music pioneer has accomplished. The anticipation in Hollywood and fan frenzy has pushed production up to 2015 for the Master P biopic.

I). Master P the Ice Cream man is the introduction to the three piece biography of the greatest trilogy since the Godfather. (Production 2015)

II). TRU the second part of the bio pic. A glimpse of how the Miller brothers come together to form one of the most influential groups in hip hop. Their success was unheard of for a southern hip hop group, that escaped the mean streets of New Orleans. (Production 2016)

III). No Limit the Empire The final of the trilogy where Master P and his artists controlled a large share of the music industry, at one time had over 18 records on the top 200 billboard charts at the same time. Making No Limit Records the most powerful and successful Record Company in the industry. (Production 2017)


Master P 2014 Let The Kids Grow Inner-city Basketball League Louisville

Master P takes inner-city youth off the streets with his Let The Kids Grow basketball league in Louisville, KY. It’s not about just Basketball it is about the Game of Life. Where kids learn the importance of education and bringing negative cycles. Kids are taught how to play basketball and how to survive. By some of the more experienced life coaches in the game. Their is no charge for these inner-city youth in this summer program. But every person must read a book as they prepare for back to school.

For more information go to www.letthekidsgrow.org

Master P New Reality Show “The Miller Dynasty” Based On Fatherhood And Running A Successful Independent Music Label With His Family


Master P AKA Percy Miller clears the air on his reality show refuting media gossip by TMZ and Wendy Williams. He states, “First of all, I thought Wendy Williams was my friend. I understand that her job is to entertain gossip but how could she keep picking up TMZ gossip as if it was real news when she should have contacted me directly if she was really concerned about my family, or me like she claims. If anyone understands being in the media and having to deal with celebrity personal family gossip and betrayal, she should know because of her own situation. If she wants to know the truth, as my friend, she should call me directly to get the facts and the truth rather than joining the media circus and talking trash. It’s funny how all of my philanthropy efforts for the past 20 years have never received this type of attention, not that I’m looking for any recognition, but it amazes me how Hollywood glorifies negativity. Well I guess I’m going to change the reality tv world the way that I’ve changed the music industry because the show that I’m doing is not ratchet negativity, it’s about fatherhood, standing up for something that you believe in and family business in the music industry from a positive perspective while still entertainment for tv.


Master P says, “After 24 years of keeping our family personal life private, we are ready to share with the world our life experiences, the trials, tribulations and accomplishments that md_logo1_Goldplated1-300x231come with being a successful family of musicians and entertainers. As a music mogul and being one of the most successful music entrepreneurs in the business, I was forced to deal with the harsh reality of going through a divorce, while being a father to my kids even as a single parent. It’s challenging as a public figure because of the gossip, false accusations and negative media. Due to the need of media outlets to sell headlines and news stories, celebrities are labeled guilty until proven innocent. I feel like our private lives have been invaded and with all of this technology, social media and TMZ, our lives are more open to scrutiny. Our reality show will expose the truth.”


Miller continues, “The Miller Dynasty is founded on integrity and family values. We are not perfect by any means; we go through similar struggles like any family. There are constant battles that we fight especially with having money and fame but with our faith and belief in God we are able to overcome any obstacle. Our family has come a long way from poverty in the ghetto and to be able to share our story from rags to riches, the good, the bad, and the ugly that come with success. Our goal and our purpose is for this reality show to be educational and entertainment for all families.”

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